Using the Dashboard

The dashboard is useful as a starting point to see what activity there is on your site.  It gives useful information and has some functionality you should be aware of to make things easier and quicker when optimizing.

Date range selector

All data displayed in Conversionizer is by date selected.

When you first open the dashboard you will see data for the current month.  
Using the date selector you can pick any range and all the data will be updated.

When you click any of the links through to organic landing pages and posts, or landing page links, the date range selected will be carried over.  This allows you to keep working with data in whatever range you have selected.


Clicking on each of the links in the Statistics Snapshot will show graphs for each item. Clicks, Sales, Subscribes, and so on.  

Top inbound links and pages/posts

This section of the dashboard shows the top performing inbound links and top pages and posts ordered by the number of sales and then by the number of clicks.

We order it by sales instead of the sales conversion rate as the actual number of sales is what we are looking to achieve from increasing the conversion rate.

When you click on an inbound link you are taken to the Optimize Link screen where you can see what's going on and take action in improving it's stats.

Same as when you click on a page or post link, you are sent to the Optimize Page/Post screen.

Active split tests

This section of the dashboard shows the current active split tests running.

Click the link at the top of each box to go to the optimize screen for a link or page/post where the split test(s) are running.

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John Ayling

John Ayling is the founder of Conversionizer. Obsessive code geek marketer with a passion to put conversion tracking into the hands of as many online marketers as possible. Telling him 'you can't do that' is like holding a red flag to a bull! More about John and why he created Conversionizer here: About Us

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