Extract Optimum Sales and Subscribers with Conversionizer Split Testing - made simple

Conversionizer exposes the powerful benefits of split-testing, used by marketing pros, now to business owners.

Normally a complex task, Conversionizer makes it easy to better match customer needs and make more sales

How Can You Improve Pages to Make More?

Conversionizer. Advanced Tracking Made Simple.

Clone Page

Give your test a name.  Select how often you want it displayed. Click the Create button.  Edit the cloned page with your test.  Set to Active.  Done.  It's that easy.

Auto Analyse

The Conversionizer engine monitors all active split tests. Statistical confidence calculations determine how likely the test is a winner.  The Event Log can be viewed to see monitoring tasks and split test winners.

Get Notified

When Conversionizer detects a winner, an email is sent notifying you how it went.  The conversion rate it achieved.  How many sales.  Enough for you to find it and click the Promote Winner button if you prefer the manual approach.

Auto Publish Winner

Check the Auto Promote checkbox and Conversionizer will not only monitor and do the stats calculations for you.  It will replace the content of your page with the winning content and title and send you an email to let you know.  Run lots of split tests at the same time, fully automated.

Split-Test Conversionizer Link Campaigns

Split testing gives you the ability to turn mediocre paid traffic campaigns into high ROI profit machines.

The Tried and Tested Formula

  • check
    Find the winners (ads, keywords, Facebook interests, Google placements,.....) 
  • check
    Cut the losers
  • check
    Now in profit?  Scale up... BIG!

Conversionizer Inbound Link Categories makes it possible to find the winners and weed out the losers.

Not just for paid traffic.  Split test wherever you place Conversionizer Inbound Links.  
Focus your time and effort where you know you are much more likely to get sales.

Split-Test Organic Traffic Landing Pages

Conversionizer makes it easy to improve the conversion performance of your WordPress page or post

Create Content That Converts

Find out which blog post content and pages convert better into sales.

Use Conversionizer Action Links to optimize links to affiliate offers or your own product pages.

The Power of EPC Optimization for Free Traffic

If you can get a high Earnings Per Click (EPC) for organic traffic, you now have the basis for knowing how much you can spend per click on paid traffic.  Light bulb moment!!!!

  • check
    Create a Conversionizer Inbound Link to that same page.
  • check
    Do more split-testing, this time against traffic costs.
  • check
    Grow traffic that converts

You can more confidently increase traffic to your site when you know what converts into sales.

How Many Sales Are You Missing Out On By Not Conversionizing Your Site Right Now?

Get instant access to this and all the other traffic optimizing benefits of Conversionizer

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