Setting a Conversion Page


After you have installed Conversionizer, clicks to your pages and posts start being tracked.

To track conversions there is only one thing to do.

Select your Thank You pages.

A Thank You page is the page on your site that a user is sent to after they purchase, or after they subscribe to a mailing list.

Add a Conversion Page

Click on the Conversion Pages link in the left menu.

Then click on 'Add New'.

If you do not have Easy Digital Downloads or Woo Commerce installed, you will see this screen.

Sales Conversion:  Select to record a sale
New Email List Subscriber:  Select to record a new subscriber
Sale amount ($): Enter the amount of the sale in dollars. 
Conversion page:  Start typing the name of your Thank You page and then select.
Reference: Add a reference for the conversion so you can more easily see where it came from.

Click the 'Add New Page' button.

Easy Digital Downloads or WooCommerce

If you have WooCommerce installed, Conversionizer will auto-detect it and the screen will look like this.

WooCommerce detected

The same happens for Easy Digital Downloads.

Make sure you pick 'Dynamic Amount' so that Conversionizer picks up the amount for a sale on your Thank You page.

Add More Conversion Pages if You Want

You can add as many conversion pages as you want.

Here's a setup as an example.

Here we have 3 conversion pages setup for each product with different amounts.

We also have setup an optin conversion page to track subscribers to a launch email list.

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John Ayling

John Ayling is the founder of Conversionizer. Obsessive code geek marketer with a passion to put conversion tracking into the hands of as many online marketers as possible. Telling him 'you can't do that' is like holding a red flag to a bull! More about John and why he created Conversionizer here: About Us

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