Attract & Convert Free Traffic with Conversionizer Inbound Organic Tracking

What if You Could Get More Sales With No Extra Traffic?

Every online business wants more More MORE traffic, but what about the visitors you've got?

Conversionizer helps you target organic traffic and optimize conversions

How Can You Make More Sales Per Visitor?

Target Pages & Posts

The Conversionizer dashboard makes it blindingly obvious which pages are getting traffic and current conversion rate.  Click-through to immediately start optimizing for more sales and subscribers.

Understand Traffic

Know where your traffic is coming from.  What country? Desktop or mobile? PC or Mac?.  Bots auto filtered out. View click data. Block web spam IP addresses from polluting your stats.


Split-test pages and posts.  Improve CTR (click through rate) on call to action links.  Add content that you can now prove engages and converts into more optins and more sales.  Optimize EPC (earnings per click) to know where to focus your efforts profitably.

Monitor Performance

Focus on the key performance indicators that make a direct difference to your sales click-by-click. Conversionizer tracks revenue, conversion rate, sales, new subscribers and EPC by page and post for any period you select.

Clone Pages and Posts. Auto Split-Test

Test different styles of pages, different combinations of elements directly against a portion of visitors.

Find out Which Blog Post Content and Pages Convert Better into Sales  
Test and know for sure.

Conversionizer makes it easy to improve the conversion performance of your WordPress page or post.

Clone Page

Choose to clone the page or post you're optimizing. Or select an existing page to test.  Select the percentage you would like the test page to appear.

Make any updates to the test page.
Set to active and your split test is running with the goal of beating the stats of your current page.  

Create as many split-tests as you want to run simultaneously. 


As your test page gains clicks and conversions, it will go green when Conversionizer calculates statistical confidence that indeed the test is a winner.

See stats over any time period you select.  An email notification is sent to you when a winning test is detected.

Promote Winner or Set to Auto-Promote

Click the Promote Winner button to update your page to the winning test content.  

Or check Auto-Promote to automate updating your control page when Conversioner detects a winner. An email automatically sent when a test is auto-promoted.

Get Real Data. Optimize Human Visitors, Not Web Spam

A major problem with web analytics systems is the very real problem of referrer web spam.

Referrer spam means artificial clicks are sent to your site with a fake origin, in the hope to get back-links from web logs.  Bot traffic can be detected and are filtered out, however referrer spam can't be detected automatically.

You may think that you are getting a lot more human traffic than is actually true.  Your measured conversion rates with Google Analytics and other systems will be meaningless if referrer spam is not manually filtered out.

Click data from an e-commerce site using Conversionizer

Conversionizer solves this problem by allowing you to view click data for any period by page or post.

Block IP addresses as well as faked referrers from appearing in any of your Conversionizer statistics -  sitewide.

Work on real data to increase conversion rates for inbound link campaigns.

Optimize Outbound Clicks With
Conversionizer 'Action Links'

Drill-down to optimize Calls-To-Action in any Page or Post
with Conversionizer Action Links.

Action Links are designed to help you optimize outbound clicks, which ultimately leads to more conversions.

Examples of Calls-To-Action that can be optimized with Action Links are:

  • A 'Read More' link
  • 'Shop Now' button or link
  • Hyperlinked image
  • 'Check out this great product I just reviewed', link.

Create Action Links with a Conversionizer Generator

Supports sub-id tracking if you are promoting affiliate products.

Creates cloaked friendly looking links that users are more likely to click on.

Surround any hyperlinked page element with an Action Link shortcode. Optimize to get more conversions.

Monitor & Optimize

A higher CTR (Click Through Rate) ultimately means a higher likelihood of more conversions.  
ie. more sales for your business.

Action Link statistics for a page or post automatically appear when an Action Link shortcode is placed on it.

Action Links are perfect for optimizing click-throughs to internal shop pages or external offers.

How Many Sales Are You Missing Out On By Not Conversionizing Your Site?

Get instant access to this and all the other traffic optimizing benefits of Conversionizer

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