Get Profitable and Scale-Up Advertising with Conversionizer Inbound Link Tracking

Imagine if you knew that for every link click, you would make X$
whether they bought or not?

Would this make a big difference to your business?

This is not a dream, and is how top marketers rapidly grow revenue.

With Conversionizer Inbound Link Tracking you can optimize inbound traffic campaigns.

Free traffic from external links, to paid traffic such as Facebook marketing, can all be optimized using Conversionizer.

How Can You Make More Per Click?

Copy & Paste Link

Select a destination page, give it a relevant link name, and your trackable link is ready to put anywhere you want to link to.  
Even link to a url off-site - direct linking.

Optimize Traffic by Categories

Append a category to the same link to find out which ads, keywords, interests, demographics are profitable. Decrease costs by dumping costly tyre kickers.
Focus on the winners for an immediate jump in ROI.

Keep Ad Costs In Check

Add traffic cost for a Conversionizer link.  
More accurately control click costs.
Get dynamic click-by-click costs.

Monitor Performance To Grow

Focus on the key performance indicators that make a direct difference to your profits click-by-click. Conversionizer gives you control over costs, profits and your return on time and money investment (ROI).

Clone & Auto Split-Test Landing Pages

Know for sure if different images, words, colors or offers will be better for conversions by testing in the real world.  

No more wondering if something will work.  
Give it a test and know for sure.

Conversionizer makes it easy to improve the conversion performance of your destination page for your inbound link.

Clone Page

Choose to clone your current landing page or select an existing page to test.

Make any updates to the cloned test page.
Set to active and your split test is running and hopefully will beat your current page - profit per click increased!

Create as many split-tests as you want at the same time. 


As your test page gains clicks and conversions it will go green when it is a statistically valid winner.  

See stats over any time period you select.  An email notification is sent to you when a winner is detected.

Promote Winner or Set to Auto-Promote

Click the Promote Winner button to update your page to the winning test content.  

Or check Auto-Promote to automate updating your landing page when Conversioner detects a winner.

Get notified by email when a test is auto-promoted.

Drill-down to optimize Call-To-Action components in a landing page
with Conversionizer Action Links.

Action Links are designed to help you see what users are clicking on, and which ultimately leads to more conversions.

Examples of Calls-To-Action that can be optimized with Action Links are:

  • A 'Read More' link
  • 'Shop Now' button or link
  • Hyperlinked image
  • 'Check out this great product I just reviewed', link.

Create Action Links with a Conversionizer Generator

Supports sub-id tracking if you are promoting affiliate products.

Creates cloaked friendly looking links that users are more likely to click on.

Surround any hyperlinked page element with an Action Link shortcode. Optimize to get more conversions.

Monitor & Optimize

A higher CTR (Click Through Rate) ultimately means a higher likelihood of more conversions.  
ie. more sales for your business.

Statistics for an Inbound Link automatically appear when an Action Link shortcode is placed on a page.

Action links are designed to help squeeze as many sales out of your landing pages as possible.

Where Can You Use Conversionizer Inbound Links?

Anywhere You Want to Get Smart with Traffic

Advertising Platforms

Any advertising network. Here's a selection to start with. 

Email Marketing

  • Track sales and signups from your email campaigns
  • Focus your email campaigns on those that buy
  • Use categories to know what links inside an email were clicked, which email, and any other category you want.

Articles, Forums, Guest Blog Posts, Comments, Link Building, Facebook Posts, Instagram profiles, document sharing, email signatures, news releases, ebay shop links, social bookmarking, webinars ..........


  • Track and optimize traffic from any link you place on the web.
  • Create never-ending campaigns from different sources of traffic.
  • Get profitable and focus your time on what you will know works when you use Conversionizer Inbound Links.

How Many Sales Are You Missing Out On By Not Conversionizing Your Site?

Get instant access to this and all the other traffic optimizing benefits of Conversionizer

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