Creating Your First Split Test


A split test is simply testing with real data an idea of how to increase conversions.

It stops us wondering if we should implement a change or not. Will it increase sales or subscribers? Will it have an adverse effect?

Test it with a proportion of your traffic and know for sure.

The test steps that we will cover are:

  • Create a new split test (Add New, Clone)
  • Change content for the test
  • Set to auto-promote, or uncheck for manual operation
  • Set the test to active

Example - change button text

Say I think that we could get more sales if the 'Get Conversionizer' button on the Home page said 'Download Conversionizer'. But how do I know for sure?

Let's test our idea.

Create a split test

This is the Home page, so click on the Inbound Organic menu item, find the Home page and click through to the Optimize screen.

Click the split testing button

To add a new split test, you click the 'Add New' button. And a box pops up.

'Clone Page' is selected so that an exact copy of the Home page can be made for our test.

'Select Existing' can also be used if you have an existing page you want to use for the test.  Useful for completely different look and feel tests.

Setting the Display % to 20 means that 20% of the time the 'Download Conversionizer' page will be displayed to a Home page visitor.

Leave the test inactive, and clicked 'Add'.

Change the test content

Now we need to make the button text say 'Download Conversionizer'.

Click 'edit' to open the WordPress edit screen

The edit link opens up the WordPress page or post edit screen.

The page is an exact clone of the Home page so you can use the normal way you edit pages and posts in WordPress.  This might mean that you are using the WordPress editor or perhaps you are using a page builder. 

Updated button text to test

Set the test to active

To get our test running we set it to active.


The split test is now running from the date it was set active.

How does the test work?

The test collects data whenever it is displayed. In this case it is displayed 20% of the time when people go to the Home page.

Here's an example with data.

The highlighted green box shows:

Sales conversion rate: 1.4%, with 93% confidence that the test is a winner.

If this was our data we could be 93% sure that 'Download Conversionizer' would have a better sales conversion rate than 'Get Conversionizer'.

We really should be 95% confident statistically speaking.  So a test may be winning but not confidently until we hit 95%.

What to do with a winning test

There are two ways to manage a winning test.

  1. Update the content of your main page after you receive an email notification from Conversionizer of a winning test.
  2. Let Conversionizer notify you and update the content for you automatically.

Clicking the Promote Winner button will copy the exact content and title of the test page to the main page.

So in our example, the button text will be changed to 'Download Conversionizer'.

You can check and uncheck 'Auto promote' at any time.  When it is checked, Conversionzer will monitor the test.  If it reaches a 95% confidence of a win or more it will send you an email and push the Promote Winner button for you.

All split tests for this page will be set to inactive once content is promoted.  Ready for you to create more if you desire.


To create a split test, from idea to published winner content:

  • Create a new split test (Add New, Clone)
  • Change content for the test
  • Set to auto-promote, or uncheck for manual operation
  • Set the test to active

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