About Conversionizer

Our Mission is Simple

To bring the powerful benefits of conversion tracking that the marketing pros use to all online business marketers.

Advanced Conversion Tracking Made Simple

Not to dumb-down systems, but to expose the benefits and leave the complexity to the programmers.

Is your online business stuck in the old paradigm of hope? That the latest fad marketing strategy will somehow one day work? Spray-and-Pray advertising and unsubstantiated snake-oil guru advice is rampant online.

We are totally sold on conversion tracking as a means to dramatically increase your business bottom-line because it is based on reality.  

You make a sale or you don't. Improve your conversion statistics and you have achieved what every business sets out to do.  Provide value and get paid for it.

Conversionizer is More Than a Product.  It's a System Designed For You

We Value You

We know what it's like to run business online.    
We work hard at making your user experience as painless and professional as possible.  
From the moment a visitor hits our site to becoming a valued member of the Conversionizer tribe, we work hard at giving you what you need to push your business forward.

We Are Always Improving

We strive to be the best we can be every day.  
To continually work at giving our customers the advanced made simple.
Conversionizer is a continually evolving software system always being improved as much as possible to better serve your business bottom line.

Conversionizer Background

Conversionizer was founded by John Ayling after a crazy thought entered his head that he just couldn't let go of and had to make real, come hell or high water.

John Ayling

Described by some as the Nutty Professor, John has a history of building and marketing software online.

Marketed all sorts of products as an affiliate with paid traffic, he is also the programming force behind many joint venture product launches.

Created several online businesses - some successful and some total flops. With a lot of experience under his belt now, he describes it as a boxing match you just have to keep getting up from.

His background is varied.  Commercial programmer, futures trader, corporate consultant , dish pig, cockle shell collector (don't ask), and former lawyer - with an insatiable thirst for everything marketing.

How Conversionizer Breathed Life

John had just got back from a trip to Bali after some wildly successful Facebook marketing for an affiliate product in one of the craziest markets - Are you ready?  Nurturing relationship advice for women lolololol .  A topic John is definitely no expert in, obviously.  

He optimized to 17-20% click through rates on his Facebook Ads which is absolutely insane.  Pushing a lot of paid traffic and systemizing as he went, he practically developed a money machine - until it got shutdown by the FB bots 🙁

Advised by his marketing friends that it's commonplace now for marketers that push traffic hard at the beginning, he should just open up another account and continue....... but something was missing.

Although this would appear to be a very successful approach with a few tweaks here and there, John is about creating value.  So he dropped it and went into another software joint venture launch in the IM market.

Then, one night it came to him.  How to systemize conversion tracking.  Make it simple but not dumbed down. Make it outcome based, not just another piece of software with shiny bells and whistles that nobody really cares about.

Make a systemized method of conversion tracking accessible and useful to online business owners.

Conversionizer was built as a WordPress plugin so normally difficult and time-consuming tracking tasks could be automated as much as possible.

Tested on live e-commerce and affiliate sites, Conversionizer immediately opened up areas that could be immediately improved and rapidly turn around just average sites.

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