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Turn Your WordPress Site into a Sales Conversion Machine with Conversionizer

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Conversionizer focuses on increasing sales conversion rates.
Move the conversion rate slider to the right and see the effect on your revenue.

Quick Tour Overview of Conversionizer


4 Powerful Reasons Why You Need Conversionizer Optimizing Your Site Right Now

More Sales. Same Traffic

Target Organic Traffic

Conversionizer helps you target organic traffic and optimize conversions
Understand and target traffic. Test different blog and page content.  Email notifications. Winning content auto published for you. 

Auto Optimize Content

Split Testing

Extremely easy and quick with Conversionizer.  Find the best content to get more sales and subscribers.  Set and forget. Unlimited tests mean that your site can become a conversion machine.

Get More Per Click

Inbound Link Campaigns

Conversionizer tracks campaigns with any type of advertising such as Facebook, Adwords or media buying.  Track and optimize keywords, interests, ad-types, demographics. Collect variable click costs. Powerful and simple to use.

Simple Auto-Detect Setup

Affiliate Marketing, E-commerce Stores

Connect with affiliate marketing networks using Conversionizer pixel & URL generators.
Instant sale notifications from Clickbank & JVZoo.  Auto detects Woo Commerce and Easy Digital Downloads.  

Conversionizer Dashboard

The Conversionizer dashboard is designed to help you focus on what needs to be done to optimize conversions.

Calculate conversion rate targets.  See what needs to be done to put money in your pocket.

Immediately see which pages are getting traffic, top converting pages and posts, revenue, traffic costs and active split tests.  

Click straight through to begin optimizing.  Conversionizer really is the simplest way to optimize your site.

Optimize Inbound Links

Imagine if you knew that for every link click, you would make X$ whether they bought or not?  
Possible when you use Conversionizer for inbound link campaigns.   

Conversionizer inbound link tracking lets you target & optimize audiences by any category such as Facebook interests, Adwords keywords, demographics, and ad types.

Keep track of traffic costs, click by click.

Optimize Pages & Posts

What if you could get more sales from your blog and site pages with no extra traffic?
Conversionizer tracks organic traffic to your pages and posts.

Sort out what will bring you more sales as well as subscribers to your mailing list.  

Understand visitors to your site better. 

Optimize content using split testing and Conversionizer 'Action Links'.

Track revenue, earnings per click (EPC), conversion rates and more over any time period.

Split Testing

Split testing, normally a complicated process, is made simple and automated with Conversionizer.
It only takes 3 simple steps from idea of what might work better, to creating a test to publishing winning content.  

We have taken the pain out of split-testing using page cloning and hands-free optimization.  
No coding and low tech.  Statistical analysis done for you.

Easily set up lots of split tests and your site will optimize by itself.. and keep you up-to-date with email notifications.

Call-To-Action Optimization (Action Links)

Maximize click-through-rate (CTR) on important links with Conversionizer 'Action Links'
To get sales and subscribers we need visitors to click links such as 'Buy' buttons, 'Subscribe Now' or affiliate links.  

Conversionizer makes it easy to track desired actions.
Compare CTR right down to how well each link converts to sales.

Use the shortcode generator and place them on your page or post.  
Monitor and optimize.

Get more people clicking on your call-to-action.
Increase the likelihood of more sales.

Email Notifications

Let Conversionizer optimize your site and notify you by email with it's progress
Conversionizer works while you are busy building your business, or chilling at the beach.  

Receive notifications when you make sales, when split-tests win, and when Conversionizer auto-updates your content.

Intelligent actionable data. ​

Watch how simple it is to auto-optimize your site


How Many Sales Are You Missing Out On By Not Conversionizing Your Site?

Get instant access to this and all the other traffic optimizing benefits of Conversionizer

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